<![CDATA[ Hosting company india - Blog]]>Fri, 11 Dec 2015 04:33:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Best Linux Shared Web Hosting Provider in Jaipur  ]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 10:51:45 GMThttp://hostingcompany.weebly.com/blog/best-linux-shared-web-hosting-provider-in-jaipurIn today’s world shared web hosting has become the most competitive business. In order to succeed in this world one needs to be prompt and provide the best performing shared web hosting.
The shared web hosting is also called as shared services / virtual hosting.

Shared web hosting is one which reduces your hosting cost, as the website is kept on a server which is shared by other hundreds of websites. Any shared web hosting will not require any technical maintenance by you. Everything will be taken care by the technical experts of the company from where you will acquire the shared web hosting.

These web hosting companies provide windows based shared hosting as well as Linux based shared hosting. We at hosting centre, provide all kinds of shared web hosting but the most preferred one is Linux shared web hosting.

Linux shared web hosting providers are in demand because of the following reasons:
Linux makes it easy for the webmasters to make use of PHP, Python, CGI and Pearl. It also gives you free access to many other features. It is cost effective; you don’t have to end up paying huge amount for Linux shared web hosting.  Apart from all this Linux server provides you with lot of flexibility like you can create websites, blogs, and multimedia apps. It is one of the secured shared web hosting. The hosting becomes easy and simple no complexity is involved. No server management and no maintenance cost. Major chunk of developers prefer Linux shared hosting as it makes easy for them to fix the bugs or errors. In short any problem occurring can be detected and can be resolved upon very quickly.
Linux shared web hosting is more stable than windows. Windows shared web hosting involves a lot id cost but it’s not the case with Linux shared web hosting. It is easy to manage with many features which are available for free and are fulfilling customers’ needs as in when they arise. The rate at which Linux shared web hosting is growing is tremendous all across the globe. One will be very much satisfied when they choose Linux web hosting as their preferred hosting for their websites.
One should also know that this Linux shared web hosting will come with free and known scripts like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and many more.

Hosting Centre Company is the most reliable Linux shared web hosting provider in Jaipur. With 24*7 full support. We give you the shared web hosting at a much cheaper rate than any other shared web hosting provider.

The company offers all the services of the web world. 
Also it is claimed by the experts that Linux shared web hosting dominates the server market with a wide margin. 

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<![CDATA[Reseller web hosting company India]]>Tue, 30 Jun 2015 06:55:45 GMThttp://hostingcompany.weebly.com/blog/reseller-web-hosting-company-indiaIts worthwhile dreaming of a cozy kings life having in possession of all that that ones dreams of a luxury home or an elite car. For all this you need MONEY .  We all know that one can get money only thru hard work and the way forward is to start your own business. Today it is easy to start your own business. The question is what business !! If you look around it is an era of advanced technology and science.  Thus it will be prudent  to think of a business in line with this change. Hence we see the  web world is in great demand and will always be, that’s why we see a lot of individuals and companies are online.  The most sought after careers today is to become a Reseller Host. Reseller hosting is an establishment of Web hosting services to companies that in turn act as Web hosts for other companies. These services usually help with Web site design and organizational services as well as host for the site and serving its pages Now the most pertinent question comes to our mind is how much capital one would need. The good news is today the cost is very less and affordable as compared to what it used to be in early days because of competition amongst the web hosting services suppliers and even the best web hosting enterprises like Linux Hosting have become really inexpensive.. When you browse through the information of domain hosting India or domain registration India, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the inexpensive and affordable rates of Disk Space and Bandwidth. . There is no  limit for any new business now but as far as the business of reseller hosting is concerned it is extremely dependent on the expansion of the business and the resources and competence you possess. Depending upon your potential, you can buy the packages of your own choice. The larger the package  the larger is the scope  to resell, larger is the profit you earn. Also the fact is once you procure the package on wholesale, you have  a huge liberty to fix the reselling value. With the accessibility of the services like unlimited reseller hosting, your margins cannot be narrowed within a definite edge. Its worth noting that if you are bold and positive in your approach you can match others who have earned billions in internet business.   No Maintenance needed  .Reselling plan is very much like your own dedicated server without having to worry about any  fault or complications in the server .  As a window reseller web hosting you have more scope to flourish  with a very minimal expenditure on your part.

 You can fine tune  your website. You will essentially have access to many functions that permits you to regulate disk space usage, bandwidth limits .

<![CDATA[Know the procedure of registering a Domain Registration]]>Tue, 09 Jun 2015 06:10:40 GMThttp://hostingcompany.weebly.com/blog/know-the-procedure-of-registering-a-domain-registrationDomain registration denotes to the procedure of registering a domain name that classifies one or more IP addresses with a name which is at ease to recollect and practice in URLs to recognize a particular Web page. Any person or any company which registers a domain name is known as a domain name registrant.

 Domain registration needs to avail the services of a domain name registrar. A company which is an ICANN or national ccTLD accredited has the right to register domain names.

Extensions like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi, .name, .pro, .tv, etc , are allotted by the registrar to help the companies and the individuals to register for a domain name.

Always you need to put a domain name registration request to the register after you have chosen the desired domain name.

There was a time there was only one domain name registrar but today the scenario has changed and we see a lot of new accredited players who act as registrars in the market for the same.

If you see across a registrar who is not on the list of registrar then you can perceive that the particular organization is acting as a reseller for one of the accredited registrars wherein only an endorsed registrar has the capacity to change the database of domain names.

 The major things that you will have to submit to the registrar :

·         The anticipated domain name

·         The name and contact information (including email address, physical address and contact phone number) for the domain's registrant, administrative and billing contacts.

·         The anticipated domain registration term.

·         Payment details

The time you give all the above details to your registrar, they will then help initiate the domain name registration process for you. They will send your desired domain name request and all the contact as well as technical information of the domain name to the registry for the further steps. 

Later the registry will put forward the contact information for the Who is. The registry is also responsible for adding your domain zone files to the master servers. These amazing master servers then later announces to the other servers over the internet that where exactly your website is stored.

Regarding the fees and services they differ from company to company. The whole procedure is affordable and quick. The most important thing to be done before registering a domain name it should be checked with all the existing domain names in the DNS Database. 

Company or individuals who wants to get a domain registration can go to a WHO IS search engine and then should enter a domain name which they would like to register to check who has registered it. Some confidential information will also be required to be declared in order to follow the procedure but if company would not like to reveal the confidential information then they can search for some registrars who will act as your proxy, and will be providing their information in place of your own as the contact for the domain attached with a small amonut of fee for the same.

Thus always read all the terms and conditions before going for a registration of a domain name.
<![CDATA[Linux Shared Hosting]]>Tue, 05 May 2015 11:59:32 GMThttp://hostingcompany.weebly.com/blog/linux-shared-hostingWeb hosting as the name indicates is a service which empowers organizations and individuals to host and run a website on to the Internet most commonly referred as World Wide Web. Hosting a web site requires space on servers placed within the purview of World Wide Web. The Servers are owned or leased by companies known as web hosting service provider. 

A shared web hosting server allows multiples users to run the websites/applications thus sharing resources. A shared hosting server offers basic web hosting support services like web hosting, email and web mail services, auto script installations, PHP and database services like MySQL. It provides a web-based control panel system for account maintenance, such as cPanelDirectAdminPlesk, InterWorx. Shared hosting has usage limits and hosting provider is responsible for managing server security along with technical support related to website hosting.

Shared hosting will be inappropriate for users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports.

The two most common environment in web hosting are Linux and Windows. A hosting provider provides both type of hosting to be chosen as per requirements of user.

The servers based on the Linux operating system and LAMP (software bundle), which is driven by the reliability and security of open source software such as Linux and Apache (the 'L' and 'A' of LAMP).

The most common benefits of Linux Shared Hosting are:

1)      Cost

Linux being an open source platform, there’s no charge to use it for hosting. This allows hosting companies to keep their prices lower compared to Windows hosting. Often, Linux based hosting will also come with many free and popular scripts, such as DrupalWordPress, Joomla, phpBB and many others.

 2)      Flexibility

Linux comes with a GNU or General Public License, which means it, can be used with various distributions, such as SUE Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu. This makes it much more flexible than other operating systems.

3)      Security

The Linux operating system has proven time and time again to be more secure than any other choice.

4)      Reliability

Since Linux was one of the first operating systems created, it provides better reliability than Windows.

5)      Simplicity

Another huge benefit coming from Linux shared hosting is the simplicity. In most cases, it’s easier and more user-friendly than Windows hosting. Since Linux can use MySQL, Perl and PHP, it has become known as a very easy system to use.
<![CDATA[Cheaper way to Start Business is with Shared Web Hosting ]]>Wed, 08 Apr 2015 05:36:19 GMThttp://hostingcompany.weebly.com/blog/cheaper-way-to-start-business-is-with-shared-web-hostingShared Web Hosting also known as shared services as well as virtual hosting. When several web sites share the same server it is called as shared web hosting. To reduce the costing businessman tends to go for Shared Web Hosting.

With a shared hosting account, your website will regularly be on a server which will have hundreds of other websites in it. It may sound weird but it reduces the cost and works extremely amazing as many of the websites doesn’t generate too much traffic and so it doesn’t bother or become troublesome.

Shared Linux web hosting is appropriate for personal websites, businesses which are small and mid-sized businesses. The prices are affordable if you go for the shared web hosting and for businesses which are small can easily afford and can be sure of their websites performance.

With shared web hosting you need not to execute technical maintenance over the server while running programs. All shared web hosting companies provide user friendly services and a user friendly web based control panel, ultimately making it easy for the user to upload website, generate email accounts and a database. Also it saves a lot of time if you have shared web hosting as the headache of maintaining the server is taken care by someone else. In most of the shared web hosting, you get more disk space, data transfer and email accounts. The shared web hosting provides each website with some amount of share of all the resources but all website don’t utilize these resources fully so the performance is seen well.

With all the advantages of shared web hosting there are many cons attached to it like the web host oversells which means the host puts too many websites on one server itself. Well due to the presence of many websites on one server makes the performance of the websites slow and results in a huge loss in the business of the website holders. Another big problem is of the given resources which are restricted.

In shared web hosting, your web hosting provider is accountable for installing and managing server software, security updates and other technical support. Mostly these servers are based on operating systems like Linux and LAMP (Software Bundle) which is executed by open source which is reliable and secure.

When you share server, you share the system resources with other users on a single physical machine so this is the reason why every user will have restricted resources. Therefore, shared web hosting is good for new websites an economical way to start your online business. No server maintenance and no time consumption. Easy to go and a fair performance will be provided also it can also give very good response if other websites doesn’t create much traffic on the server. User friendly services are provided and also good for small mid-sized ventures. If your total monthly income is dependent upon business online then it is not advisable to go for the shared web hosting as the traffic caused by other websites may degrade the performance of your website.